Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Here at Headmasters we receive a lot of intelligent questions on a daily basis that we thought we'd share with you here. If you have a question not answered below then please feel free to get in touch and we will give you our expert advice.

Q. When styling my hair, to create curls, how can I make it last as long as possible ?

A. Preparation is key. After washing your hair apply a strong mousse all through. This will give the hair some thickness and texture. Dry roughly then curl using tongs, straitening irons or heated rollers. Use a styling aid when tonging, a heat constructor will help to set the curl and hold it in place. Make sure the hair is totally cool before finishing.

Q. How can I keep my hair straight and smooth. It is unmanageable and sometimes difficult to style.

A. Firstly, your shampoo and conditioner are very important. Kerastase have an amazing smoothing and anti-humidity range. This will help smooth and condition. Products are you best friend in this case. Use heat protection cream and smoothing serums and oils when finishing. When blow drying- use a bristle brush. It is important that you dry the hair thoroughly. If necessary use straightening irons to finish.


Q. I've coloured my hair at home and it's too dark, what can I do to lighten it.

A. It depends on what product was used and the sensitivity of your hair. There are various ways to lighten the hair. The colour may have to be stripped out first but until we can see the hair and do an indepth consultation we cannot advise of the best way forward. call us for a free consultation.

Q. I have a small amount of white hair can I colour the white back to natural?

A. There are various ways to cover white hair depending on the percentage of white hair, there are a few options. If you have less than 70% white hair we can blend away the white hair with little commitment to colour. A product by L'Oreal called Dia Richesse would be great for this type of colouring. If you have more than 80% white there would be more commitment and a different product would be used. After a thorough consultation we would advise accordingly.

Q.Should I wash my hair the day before my wedding in preparation for my up-do ?

A. We prefer to have the clients hair washed on the day. Preparation is key and we would wash and style the hair to add body beforehand. We would use heated rollers, tongs or pre-set the hair to create body. This makes the hair more workable.

Q. I have short hair and would like to create length or have an up-do for my wedding. How can I do this?

A. We can add hair pieces short term or hair extensions long term to create length and extra volume especially if you have fine hair.

Q. When is it best for a trial before my wedding day?

A. Initially about 12 weeks before. This way if you need hair pieces or extensions you will have plenty of time to get used to having them in your hair and for you to feel comfortable with the look. A good tip, from the moment you plan your wedding day, you must plan the condition of your hair. Regular trims and hair treatments to keep the hair in tip top condition.